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These are the most directly useful resources on the web. They are broken into several general areas:
General online search resources
Tameside online resources
Births Marriages and Deaths
Dictionaries & Glossaries

Starting Family History

Online Search Resources
The Genealogist
Online parish records and much more for a subscription.

Family Search
This online genealogy database has been created and is maintained by the Church of the Latter Day Saints and has been much improved recently with additional features, although the family/pedigree link options are not always illuminating. But particularly useful is the searchable International Genealogy Index of parish records. An excellent alternative search facility has been created by Hugh Wallis which is faster and allows much greater query flexibility. The site also has census databases for 1881 in the UK and 1880 in the US and Canada.

Perhaps the most useful resource for research in the United Kingdom and Ireland, particularly its county mailing lists. I have primarily used the sections for Cheshire, Derbyshire, Lancashire and Yorkshire in England and Midlothian in Scotland. Also especial thanks to the Lancashire Parish Register Society.

Search the lists
You can search the messages archived on the various GENUKI lists.

Cheshire Wills
A searchable data base of wills from 1492 to 1940. Copies cost £4 each, plus postage.

Ellis Island
An online database of people emigrating to the United States in the late 19th and early 20th century.

Tameside Burials and Cremations

The local authority is gradually putting all its burial and cremation records as a searchable database on the web.

Researching Military Records
Useful guide at Rootsweb and links to the various PRO leaflets.

Online Parish Clerk
The OnLine Parish Clerks project for the County of Lancashire aims to extract and preserve the records from the various parishes and to provide free online access to that data.

General Records Office
BMD certificates can be ordered online at the same cost as at a register office if you have the GRO reference.

Acts of Parliament
The law of interest to family historians.

Scots Origins
This online database will allow searches of all official records in Scotland and to order digitised copies. I found it very useful when I began researching there, but two warnings - first, it is a commercial operation so there is a cost. Second, giving Scottish naming patterns, basing your research entirely on the information here could quickly lead you astray!

The English Origins site boasts Boyd's Marriage Index 1538-1840 of over 3.5 million names, including Lancashire and Yorkshire and Marriage Licence Allegations Index 1694-1850, plus other databases.

Genealogical information about the Salford Hundred.

North West Derbyshire and North East Cheshire resources
Includes censuses and other information online.

Census and parish records for Disley, Lyme Handley; Taxal & Whaley in Cheshire.

Curious Fox
An easy to use contact site for anybody researching UK genealogy, family or local history. 50,000 counties, towns, villages and hamlets with contact boards, surname lists and links to the exact location on old maps and modern maps.

Old Bailey Trials 1674 to 1834
A fully searchable online resource, containing accounts of over 100,000 criminal trials held at London's central criminal court.

Trade Directories
The University of Leicester is creating an online library of trade directories for England and Wales.

Military Memorials
Database of memorials from the Indian Mutiny, the Boer War, the Kabul Residency and others.

National Roll of the Great War

The National Publishing Company produced 14 regional volumes which profiled the services of 100,000 people who survived or died in WWI. This volume covers Manchester. Thanks to Martin Briscoe for making it available.

Vision of Britain
A useful site funded from Lottery money that paints a social picture of the UK based on information from the censuses from 1801 to 2001.

Tameside Online Resources  
Ashton Territorials
Records of the men who served in the 9th Bn. Manchester Regiment during WWI.

Denton Roll of Honour

Searchable database of the men from Denton wounded or killed in WWI.

Tameside Burials and Cremations
The local authority is gradually putting all its burial and cremation records as a searchable database on the web.
Tameside War Memorials
A searchable database of memorials in Tameside. Alternatively, try 'Carl's Cam' photos for genealogists' with names in alphabetical order.

Tameside Image Archive
Searchable images of Tameside that can be ordered online.

Kenyon Letters
An alphabetical index of letters sent to Elizabeth Hannah Kenyon, Mayor of Dukinfield from soldiers serving in the First World War kept at Tameside Local Studies Library.
Births, Marriages and Deaths
An excellent subscription site with a wide range of resources, including the censuses 1841 — 1901 and WWI records

Find My Past
M illions of family history records online via pay-per-view, including the 1911 census.

The Genealogist
A rival to 1837 Online, by subscription.

General Records Office
BMD certificates can be ordered online at the same cost as at a register office if you have the GRO reference.

Free BMD

An ambitious and valuable project to provide free internet access to the Civil Registration index for England and Wales. It is far from complete, but is already proving its worth. You can also check registrar office details on line.

Cheshire BMD Project
An excellent free online service that will eventually cover births, marriages and deaths from 1837 to 1950. Presently, it has Tameside marriages from 1837 to 1879 and work is under way on births up to 1862.

Lancashire BMD
The Lancashire version of the above.

Yorkshire BMD

The Yorkshire version covering Doncaster, Harrogate, Hull and Leeds.

North Wales BMD
Covering Wrexham, Denbeighshire, Gwyneth, Powys etc.

Lancashire Online Parish Clerk
The site aims to extract and preserve the records from the various parishes and to provide online access to that data, free of charge, along with other data of value to family and local historians.

Has all the UK censuses indexed and available as scans online, but there is a price to pay. Having said that, many local studies libraries can provide access free of charge.

The Unfilmed 1851 Census
The census records for parts of Manchester were damaged in a flood and were either unfilmed or impossible to read if they were. A 14 year project by the MLFHS has recovered over 200,000 records.

1851 Census
A two percent sample of the 1851 Census is available to download.

1861 Census
Searchable and available at a cost from 1837 Online.

1881 Census
Part of the Church of the Latter Day Saints website. 1881 for UK and Canada and 1880 in the US.

1891 Census
An ongoing project to put this online with a database search.

1901 Census
Information available online for a small fee.

1911 Census
Available from Find My Past at a cost.

1901 Canadian Census
Free online (and ongoing) census site.

Census Finder

Links to online census databases in the UK and the US.

Glossop Information
Liz Sparkes has some Glossop records on her family history website, including an index for the 1841 and 1861 censuses for parts of the area, the Hearth Tax for High Peak and the Window Tax.
Dictionaries & Glossaries

Dictionary of Genealogy & Archaic Terms
Don't know your ab fron your ealdoeman? Try this online genealogical dictionary.

Latin in Parish Records
Useful to unravel what the priests actually meant!

Latin Names

Old written records of refer to first names in Latin. Here is a list of names and their spoken translation.

Glossary of Terms used in past times
From assarts through heriots, messuages and tofts to virgates.

Latin Dictionary and Grammar Aid
Both Latin to English and English to Latin.

Archaic Medical Terms
Got a death certificate and still not sure what killed them? This Rooysweb page might provide the explanation you're looking for.

A source of information about those obscure occupations our ancestors had from the Hall Genealogy website.
Obtaining BMD from outside the UK
Getting BMD certificates from overseas can be costly and time-consuming. A fellow LANCSGEN lister can provide an alternative. This is a not-for-profit service that might cut you a corner or two. Antony also has other useful resources on his site, including a parish records look-up and 1871 census for Hurst, Ashton-under-Lyne.
Graham and Jill Hadield's Pages
Need a large family tree printing? This may be the place. Graham has information about Glossop on his site, as well as about his family. He also hosts the Derbyshire Family History Society pages.

General Records Office
BMD certificates can be ordered online at the same cost as at a register office if you have the GRO reference.
Lancashire Family History and Heraldry Society
Formed in 1973 as the Rossendale Society for Genealogy and Heraldry (Lancashire), the Society now has twelve centres in Lancashire, together with one in London where members meet regularly.

Manchester & Lancashire Family History Society
Founded in 1964 as the Manchester Genealogical Society, the Society encourages and supports family history research in the Greater Manchester area.
Guild of One Name Studies
Some genealogists specialise in one surname and yours may be amongst them.

Derbyshire Family History Society
Hosted by Graham and Jill Hadfield

Society of Genealogists
Useful backgorund information.
Starting Family History

BBC Family History
Excellent guide to genealogy with useful timelines and suggested avenues of research.

Roy Stockdill's Newbie Guide
More detailed information about the sources available, including an explanation of what the IGI is and what it isn't! Roy is one of the most experienced online genealogists, specialising mainly in Yorkshire. Recommended reading.

Jumspstart Family History
Download this E-book guide to family history for free. Uses a Windows based program, so not for Macs I'm afraid.
Lots of useful articles on genealogy.
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