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One of Isaac Asimov's short stories proposed that jokes were part of an elaborate alien plot to study human psychology, and that if we ever worked this out, nothing would be funny any more. Let's hope that day is long off!

They Made Me laugh!
Red Dwarf
The best BBC comedy for some light years, but try the alternative site.

Jimmy Clitheroe
My favourite Sunday lunchtime listening.

Navy Lark
Along with Jimmy C, filled my Sundays.

Morecambe and Wise

Christmas was never the same after Eric Morecambe died, and never will be again.

Laurel and Hardy
No introduction needed from me. Best moment? Too many to choose, but getting that piano up (and down) those long stairs ranks high! Must visit the L&H Museum in Ulverston when I'm next up that way.

Daily Dilbert cartoons online. Also Dilbert goodies. My favourite is Dogbert's "Out! Out! You demons of stupidity" desktop.

Andy Capp
The anarchic working-class anti-hero seems to have been around as long as I have! His creator, Reg Smythe, died in 1998 aged 80.

Yes Minister
Uniquely believable comedy about politics. Also see Yes Prime Minister - give it time to load the theme music!

The Good Life
Ludicrous plot, but works thanks to the great comic acting of Richard Briers, Felicity Kendal, Penelope Keith and the late, great Paul Eddington.

Peter Kay

Although billed as 'stand-up,' Peter follows the great tradition of Northern observational comedy. The above links to his fan club as the official site is not particularly revealing and is more intent on selling tickets and merchandise - get a grip lad! Find more at and the BBC article on his 2002 Comedy Award.

Eric Sykes
Oldham born comedy legend. The tv series is a classic, with Hattie Jacques as his sister and Derek Guyler as Corky.

Fawlty Towers
Inspired by the Monty Python team's stay at the Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay. Basil was based on its proprietor, Donald Sinclair. Only 12 episodes made, each one a classic. Also see the unofficial site.

Monty Python's Flying Circus

The show that took comedy to a new, surreal plane - and I remember watching the first episode! It's forerunner was the 'children's programme, Do Not Adjust Your Set. See the photos. Also see Steve Rapport's Python pages.

What started as a 'short' became another vehicle for the talents of the wonderful Ronnie Barker.

The Young Ones
Can't believe it is more than 20 years since Rik Mayall et al brought this anarchic masterpiece to the screen. Steve Rapport has thoughtfully brought the full scripts to the web.

Q - Spike Milligan
Q for quirky! Wonderfully anarchic humour.

Dr Fun
Far Side-esque cartoons by David Farley with an archive going back to 1993 when they were first published on the web.

Stop Messing About
The complete and utter fantabulosa website about Kenneth Williams.
For the Young at Heart and Weak in the Head
"Half man, half beast and half cut." Absolutely the funniest man to have walked this planet - Kenneth Horne!

Frank Randle
A unique comic talent, devoid of morality! What more can be said. Other than being a resident of Blackpool.

George Formby
Frank Randle's great nemesis - the northerner who sold out by taming his comedy to suit tender southern sensibilities.

Tony Hancock
"Does Magna Carta mean nothing to you? Did she die in vain?" One of the great lines from East Cheam. Hear clips at Whirligig and also try the Tony Hancock Appreciation Society.

Will Hay
Another B&W product of the British pre and during WWII film machine. Ably assisted by Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt.

Funny Old Game
Part of the BBC's excellent sports site. In particular, look out for Robbo's Rant. Click on the audio button to listen to the 'Tees Mouth'.

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue
The BBC's long running antidote to panel games. You can listen to each week's programme when the series is on air.

Mike Harding
The Rochdale Cowboy. Comedian and musician, now better known for his work for rambling (as in walking, not ga-ga!) I spent a evening with him at the old Wilson's Brewery, drinking beer and sharing the 'craic.' Sharing is probably the wrong word as no one else could get a word in! A genuinely funny man, on and off stage.

Dad's Army
The exploits of the defenders of Walmington-on-Sea remain as fresh and as funny as they ever were. The BBC unearthed two episodes previously thought lost - The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage and Operation Kilt. Also see DA's Appreciation Society.

A clever idea that literally stands the test of time. Also see the unofficial and reference sites.

Tommy Cooper
Master of slapstick. Also see his pencil portrait and read his gags and jokes.

Bob Hope
The British born comedian who went on to make America and the world laugh, passing away in July 2003 at the age of 100. Loved the 'Road' films.

Only Fools and Horses
Long lasting comedy starring David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, responsible for some memorable quotes.

Rolf Harris
"Can you tell what it is yet?" An icon from my past who has become a cult figure of today. And his is the definitive version of Stairway to Heaven!

Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Mil Millington's cult website has become a Guardian column and a book because it is very, very, VERY funny!

One Foot In The Grave
Victor Meldrew is a timeless comic creation. Watch the opening titles.

Brian Johnston
Cricket commentator, bon viveur and general good egg! This site gives a glimpse into his life and audio clips, including the the infamous 'leg over' discussion with Aggers. There is also the official site.
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