Golf Ball Maker
Fred Molesdale gave his occupation as 'golf ball maker' in the 1901 census in Helsby. A thank you to Edgar who explained that probably meant that he worked in a particular factory, as follows:

"The Helsby Golf Balls were manufactured by the Telegraph Manufacturing Company at their Britannia Telegraph Work.

"In 1882, George Crosland Taylor set up a company (G.C. Taylor & Co) and built a factory at Neston to manufacture electrical apparatus. The firm changed it name to the Telegraph Manufacturing Company and in 1886 the factory was moved to Helsby, where gutta percha insulated wire was manufactured. Golf balls were made there for a short while, as were vehicle tyres. The Helsby factory later became the BICC cable works.

"George Crosland Taylor visited the Paris Motor Show in 1905 where he met Mr George Ville. Together they founded the Crosville Motor Company which was well known in this area for its bus services."
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