1871 Census - RG10 4080 183
High Street, Godley, Hyde
Thomas Stansfield, 34, Flet Hatter, born Hulme
Mary Stansfield, 34, born Stockport
Louisa Stansfield, 10, Scholar, born Newton
Wilbraham Stansfield, 8, Scholar, born Newton
Herbert Stansfield, 3, Scholar, born Newton
William Stansfield, 1, born Godley
Thomas Foster, 14, Felt Hatter (App), born Knutsford
Thomas J Wrigley, Boarder, 25, Felt Hatter (App), born Denton
1881 Census - RG11 4048 14
24 Commercial Street, Newton
Thomas Stanfield, 44, Felt Hatter, born Manchester
Mary Stanfield, 41, Housewife, born Godley
Louisa Stanfield, 20, Hat Wool Yarner, born Newton
Wilbram Stanfield, 18, Felt Hat Finisher, born Newton
William Thomas Stanfield, 11, Scholar, born Godley
Esther Ann Stanfield, 2, born Newton
1891 Census - RG12 2789 69
47 Market Street, Godley
Wilbraham Stansfield, 29, Hatter and Dealer in Millinery, born Newton
Emma Stansfield, 29, Dress and Mantle Maker, born Hyde
Beatrice Stansfield, 2, born Hyde
1901 Census - RG13 3281 71
59 Market Street, Godley
Wilbraham Stansfield, 38, Draper Shopkeeper, born Newton
Emma Stansfield, 38, Dressmaker, born Hyde
Beatrice Stansfield, 12, born Hyde
Mabel Stansfield, 4, born Hyde
1911 Census - 412 Mottram Road, Godley, Hyde
Wilbraham Stansfield, 48, Billiard Room Proprietor, born Hyde
Emma Stansfield, 48, Millinery Shopkeeper, born Hyde
Beatrice Stansfield, 22, Millinery Shopkeeper, born Hyde
Mabel Stansfield, 14, School, born Hyde
Wilbraham Grenville Stansfield, 9, School, born Hyde
Edith Mary Barker, 22, Domestic, born Swinton
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