1861 Census
Silver Row, Falkirk
Henry Bell, 44, Blacksmith, born Muiravonside
Agnes Bell, 46, born Muiravonside
Henry Bell, 19, Blacksmith's Son, born Muiravonside
William Bell, 12, Scholar, born Falkirk
Agnes Bell, 15, Smith's Daughter, born (illegible)
Mary Bell, 4, born Falkirk
1871 Census
Lint Riggs, Falkirk
Henry Bell, 52, Blacksmith, born Muiravonside
Agnes Bell, 53, born Muiravonside
William Bell, 22, Currier, born Falkirk
Mary Bell, 14, born Falkirk
Peter Bell, 19, Moulder, born Falkirk
1881 Census
(GRO ref: Volume 479-1 Enum Dist8 Page 30):
Meeks Avenue, Falkirk, Striling, Scotland:
James Binnie, 26, Iron Moulder, born Falkirk:
Mary Binnie, 24, born Falkirk
Christopher Binnie, 5, born Falkrik:
Henry Binnie, 2, born Falkirk
1891 Census - RG12 3437 Folio 27/28
Park Ward, Parish of St Thomas
8 Albert Road, Preston
James Binnie, 36, Iron Moulder, born Scotland
Mary Binnie, 34, born Scotland
Christopher Binnie, 15, born Scotland
Henry Binnie, 13, Scholar, born Scotland
Agnes Binnie, 9, Scholar, born Scotland
Marion Binnie, 1, born Preston
1901 Census - RG13 3786 160
78 Mansfield Street, Ashton-under-Lyne
James Binnie, 46, Iron Moulder, born Stirlingshire, Scotland
Mary Binnie, 44, born Stirlingshire, Scotland
Agnes Forgie Binnie, 19, born Stirlingshire, Scotland
Marion Binnie, 11, born Preston
Jane Smith Binnie, 5, born Hooley Hill, Lancashire
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