1841 Census
Grahamston, Falkirk
Christopher Bennie, 26, Iron Moulder, born not in same county
Jean Bennie, born not in same county
Agnes Bennie, 1, born same county

1841 Census
(Next house)
Thomas Smith, 40, Shoemaker, same county
Agnes Smith, 43, same county
Agnes Smith, 18, same county
James Smith, 14, Shipbuilder, same county
William Smith, 14, Iron Founder, same county
David Smith, 12, Turner, not same county
Thomas Smith, 6
1851 Census - Maryhill, Lanarkshire
Christopher Binnie, 33, Iron Founer, born Broxburn, Edinburgh
Jean Binnie, 33, born Linlithgow
Agnes Binnie, 11, Scholar, born Falkirk
Marion Binnie, 7, Scholar, born Falkirk
Jean Binnie, 3, born Falkirk
Thomas Binnie, 1, born Maryhill
1861 Census
Easter Avenue, Grahamston
Christopher Binnie, 44, Iron Moulder, born Edinburgh
Jean Binnie , 44, born Linlithgow
Jean Binnie, 13, Scholar, born Stirlingshire
Thomas Binnie, 12, Scholar Iron Moulder Factory, bornStirlingshire
James Binnie, 6, born Stirlingshire
Christopher Binnie, 4, born Stirlingshire
Marion Binnie, 1, born Stilingshire
1871 Census
Russell Street , Grahamston
Christopher Binnie, 55, Iron Moulder, born Falkirk
Jane Binnie , 55, born Linlithgow
Thomas Binnie, 21, Moulder, born Falkirk
James Binnie, 16,Moulder, born Falkirk
Christopher Binnie, 13, Moulder Smith, born Stirlingshire
Marion Binnie, 11, born Stilingshire
Agnes Smith, mother-in-law, 82, born Linlithgow
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