1851 Census - HO107 2152 430
South View, Glossop
George Shaw, 28, Master Shoe Maker Employing 1 Man, born America
Betty Shaw, 27, born Charlesworth
William Shaw, 3, born Glossop
Sarah Ann Shaw, 6m, born Glossop
Edward Baines, 14, Apprentice, born Bolton
1861 Census - RG9 2550 100
High Street, Glossop
Samuel Cooke, 31, Show Maker, born Denton
Betty Cooke, 37, born Charlesworth
William Shaw, Stepson, 13, born Mottram
Sarah A Shaw, Stepdau, 10, born Glossop
Mary Jane Cooke, 6, born Glossop
Elizabeth Cooke, 2, born Glossop
Jane Cooper, S-i-L, 35, Card Room Hand, born Charlesworth
Thomas Cooper, Neph, 7, born Glossop

1871 Census - RG10 3643 11
148 High Street West, Glossop
Samuel Cook, 41, Boot and Shoe Maker, born Denton
Betty Cook, 46, born Charles worth
William Shaw, 23, Cotton Weaver, born Gorsey Brow
Sarah Ann Shaw, 20, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Mary Jane Cook, 15, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Elizabeth Cook, 12, 12, Scholar, born Glossop
Joseph Cook, 8, Scholar, born Glossop
Mary Shaw, Boarder's Dau, 17m, born Glossop

1881 Census - RG11 3459 105
148 High Street West, Glossop
Samuel Cook, 51, Shoe Maker, born Denton
Betty Cook, 57, born Charlesworth
Lizzie Cook, 22, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Joseph Cook, 17, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Jane McDonald, Aunt, 55, Cotton Weaver, born Charlesworth
Alfred McDonald, 13, Cotton Piecer, born Glossop
1891 Census - RG12 2783 75
162 High Street West, Glossop
Betty Cooke, W, 67, born Charlesworth
Joseph Cooke, 27, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Sarah A Cooke, D-i-L, 26, Cotton Weaver, born Bradwell
William Cooke, 7, Scholar, born Glossop
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