1851 Census - HO107 2340 373
Sheaf Bank, Sheffield
James Cramond, 27, Tailor Journeyman, born Coldstream, Scotland
Elizabeth Cramond, 27, Wife, born Todwick, Yorks
John Cramond, 3, born Sheffield
Jane Cramond, 4m, born Sheffield
Joseph Wasteney, Lodger, 22, Assistant Grocer, born Todwick, Yorks
1861 Census - RG9 2544 23
Town End, Bradwell, Derbyshire
James Allen Cramond, 35, Tailor, born Scotland
Sarah Cramond, 37, born Askham, Notts
John Wastneys Cramond, 13, Scholar, born Sheffield
Jane Cramond, 10, Scholar, born Sheffield
Anne Maria P Cramond, 8, born Tuxford, Notts
Joseph Cramond, 6, born Sheffield
Isobella Cramond, 9m, born Bradwell, Derbys
1871 Census - RG10 4875 64&65
Aske Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire
Earl of Zetland, 75, W, Lord Lieutenant of the North, born London
Henry Woodruff, 32, Under Butler, born Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Jane Crammond, 22, Stillroom Maid, born Sheffield
1881 Census - RG11 4571 24
Chapelthorpe, Crigglestone, Wakefield
Henry Woodtuff, 42, Butler (Domestic), born Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Jane Woodruff, 30, Butler's Wife, born Sheffield
Elizabeth Mary Woodruff, 4, born Darrington, Yorks
Henry Woodruff, 10m, born Todick, Yorks
1891 Census - RG12 3743 15
Chapelthorpe, Crigglestone, Yorkshire
Henry Woodruff, 53, Butler (Domestic), born Walton-on-Thames, Surrey
Jane Woodruff, 40, born Sheffield
Elizabeth M Woodruff, Scholar, born Darrington, Yorks
Henry Woodruff, 10, Scholar, born Todwick, Yorks
1911 Census - 31 Stanley Road, Wakefield
Jane Woodruff, W, 60, born Sheffield
Henry Woodruff, 30, Journalist, born Todwick
John Blench, S-i-L, 52, Colliery Agent, born Billingside, Durham
Elizabeth Mary Blench, 34, born Stapleton, Nr Pontefract
John Joseph Blench, Gs, 8, born Wakefield
Vernon Henry Blench, Gs, 7, born Newcastle-on-Tyne
Violet Mary Blench, Gd, 3, born Wakefield
William Wastoney Blench, Gs, 3m, born Wakefield
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