1861 Census - RG9 3001 103
9 Queen Street, Ashton-under-Lyne
John Booth, W, 59, Life Insurance Agent, born Kirkburton
Ann Booth, 27, Cotton Weaver (Mill), born Kirkburton
Elizabeth Booth, 23, Power Loom Weaver, born Fulstone
Ellen Booth, 17, Power Loom Weaver, born Fulstone
John Booth, 16, Tin Plate Worker, born Fulstone
Catherine Booth, 14, Power Loom Weaver, born Fulstone
Joseph Harrop, 8, G/son, Scholar, born Glossop
Mary A Harrop, G/dau, 6, Scholar, born Oldham
1881 Census - RG11 4055 70
25 Walmsley Street, Dukinfield
Alice Woodhouse, W, 71, Housekeeper, born Bury
Joseph Harrop, 28, Railway Servant, born Glossop
Betsy Harrop, 28, Cotton Weaver, born Glossop
Samuel Harrop, 8, Scholar, born Glossop
David Harrop, 4, Scholar, born Stalybridge
Ralph Harrop, 2, born Stalybridge
Alice Harrop, 3m, born Stalubridge
1891 Census - RG12 3179 70
33 Clement Street, Openshaw
Joseph Harrop, Locomotive Fireman, born Oldham
Betsy Harrop, 37, born Glossop
Samuel Harrop, 18, Carter, born Hadfield
David Harrop, 14, Apprentice Iron Moulder, born Stalybridge
Ralph Harrop, 11, born Stalybridge
Ellen Harrop, 8, born Stalybridge
Walter Harrop, 2, born Openshaw
Harold Harrop, 3m, born Openshaw
1901 Census - RG13 3274 141
13 Station Road, Glossop
Joseph Harrop, 48, Railway Engine Driver, born Glossop
Ralph Harrop, 22, General Labourer, born Stalybridge
Ellen Harrop, 18, Cotton Weaver, born Stalybridge
Betsy Harrop, Wife, 48, born Hadfield
Walter Harrop, 13, born Openshaw
May Harrop, 7, born Openshaw
Fred Harrop, 9m, born Glossop
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