1841 Census — HO107 101 B9 18
Granby Row, Newton
Rebecca Higginbotham, 50, Not born same county
Joseph Higginbotham, 24, Coal Miner, Not born same county
Charlotte Higginbotham, 20, Cotton Weaver, Not born same county
Rebecca Higginbotham, 15, Cotton Weaver, Not born same county
Harriet Higginbotham, 15, Cotton Weaver, Born same county
Eliza Higginbotham, 14, Cotton Weaver, Born same county
Alice Ashton, 25, Cotton Card Room, Not born same county
Hannah Ashton, 1, Born same county

1851 Census - HO107 2236 249
Granby Row, Flowery Field, Newton, Hyde
Rebecca Higginbotham, W, 61, Housekeeper, born Denton
Jonathan Ridgway, Lodger, 33, Coal Miner,
born Comstall Bridge
Rebecca Ridgway, 28, Cotton Weaver,
born Denton
Alice Ridgway, 5, Scholar, born Flowery Field
Samuel Ridgway, 2, born Newton Heath
Eliza Ridgway, 11m, born Flowery Field
William Turner, Lodger, 24, Cotton Spinner,
born Newton
Eliza Turner, 23, Cotton Weaver,
born Flowery Field

1861 Census - RG9 2281 12
Castle Street, Godley cum Newton
William Turner, 32, Operative Mule Cotton,
born Newton Moor
Eliza Turner, 34, Cotton Weaver,
born Newton Moor
John Turner, 9, Scholar, born Newton Moor
Mary Ann Turner, 6, Scholar, born Newton Moor
Jane Turner, 4, Scholar, born Newton Moor
Thomas Turner, 2, Scholar, born Newton Moor
William Turner, 10m, born Newton Moor
Rebecca Higginbotham, W, 72, Housekeeper, born Denton
1871 Census RG10 4080 6
Sixteen Row, Newton
William Turner, 43, Spinner, born Newton
Eliza Turner, 43, Weaver, born Newton
John Turner, 19, Piecer, born Newton
Mary Ann Turner, 16, Weaver, born Newton
Jane Turner, 14, Weaver, born Newton
Thomas Turner, 13, Worker at Print Works, born Newton
William Turner, 10, Scholar, born Newton Moor
Sarah Turner, 7, Scholar, born Newton
Alice Turner, 5, Scholar, born Newton
Eliza Turner, 3, Scholar, born Newton
Rebecca Higginbotham, W, 83, Housekeeper, born Denton
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