1841 Census - HO107 185 111 37
Compstall Road, Ludworth, Mellor
Joseph Howard, 31, Agricultural Labourer, N
Mary Howard, 31, N
Margaret Howard, 14, Y
Joseph Howard, 8, Y
1851 Census - HO107 2154 510
20 Norbury Street, Hyde
Joseph Howard, 47, Spinner, born New Mills
Mary Ann Howard, 47, born Bristol, Somerset
Margaret Howard, 22, Weaver, born Marple Bridge
Joseph Howard, 17, Weaver, born Compstall Bridge
Charles Nunn, Visitor, 35, Musician, Renomer, Sussex
Thomas Phillips, Visitor, 30, Musician, born Thington, Herts
Ann Phillips, Visitor, 30, born St Agnes, Cornwall
Robert Murphy, 35, Musician, born Edinburgh
Timothy Newsome, 31, Musician, born St Samuels, Somerset
1861 Census - RG9 2558 51
Stockport Road, Hyde
(Joseph does not appear on census)
Mary Ann Howard, M, 26, Cotton Weaver, born Manchester
John W Howard, 7, born Hyde
Emma Howard, 8, born Hyde
Emma Ward, Sister, 23, House Keeper, born Manchester
Edwin Ward, Nephew, 2m, born Hyde
1871 Census - RG10 3654 100
Higham Lane, Hyde
(An apparent mistake in the census that omits the parents)
Emma Howard, Dau, 18, Weaver Cotton, born Hyde
John W Howard, Son, 17, Weaver Cotton, born Hyde
Mary Howard, Dau, 8, Scholar, born Hyde
Joseph Howard, Son, 6, Scholar, born Hyde
Thomas Handford, Uncle, W, 78, Former Coachman, born Mellor
James H R Howard, Gs, 3m, born Werneth
There is 20 or 30 year unexplained gap during which time Mary Ann re-marries before Joseph reappears possibly in 1901 and certainly by 1911. There was a Joseph Howard of the right age who sailed from Liverpool to Boston on 9 March 1874 on the SS Batavia, but this is sheer speculation. See the ISTG site, entry 19.
1901 Census - RG13 3235 82
83 Phoebe Street, Salford
Elizabeth Whitworth, W, 61, born Manchester
Isaac Whitworth, 31, Railway Labourer, born Salford
Elizabeth Whitworth, 28, Calico Weaver, born Salford
Dixon Whitworth, 26, Iron Moulder, born Salford
Annie Whitworth, 21, Calico Weaver, born Salford
Samuel Whitworth, 18, Plumber's Apprentice, born Salford
Joseph Howard, Cousin, W, 68, Living on Own Means, born Compstall
1911 Census - 12 Howard Street, Hyde (4 Rooms)
Charles Ridgway, 59, Night Soiler, Town Council, born Newton
Emma Ann Ridgway, 59, born Hyde
Joseph Howard, F-i-L, M, 78, born Compstall
Charles Ridgway, Gs, 10, School, born Hyde
Maria Hayes, Gd, 8, born Hyde
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