Flowery Field Church Dedication

The dedication presented to Mr and Mrs Thomas Ashton in 1878 and signed by Robert Howarth. It reads:

The Members of Flowery Field Christian Church

To Mr and Mrs Thomas Ashton

Dear Sir & Madam,
The opening of the new church offers an opportunity we gladly embrace of expressing our great pleasure in the realization of the hopes and labours of many years; and also of tendering to you our earnest and heartfelt thanks for the unvarying interest you have always shown in the Flowery Field Congregation, for the liberal and judicious support you have given us, and now, most of all, for the noble generosity which has placed so beautiful a building at our service.

We know you do not need, or desire, any words in acknowledgment of the deep obligation under which you have thus placed us; all the more earnestly, therefore, do we hope we may prove ourselves in some measure worthy of the important charge committed to our keeping.

We look on this Church as a token of your close attachment to the locality and the people with whom you have been so long connected, and of the deep interest you take in their mental, moral and religious improvement.

We pray that it may be a centre for the propagation of pure religion, that it may be hallowed by the tenderest Christian Charities, and become dear to us all from its religious associations. May we make this Church a real religious home; may we enter it always with willing feet and thankful hearts; and in it be strengthened in those noble resolves and high aspirations which shall purify, exalt and bless our whole lives.

In conclusion permit us to to repeat the expression of our sincere thanks for your great kindness, and to hope that you and all the members of your family may have the satisfaction of realizing the hopes and expectations you have formed in building the Church, this day dedicated to the worship of Almighty God.

Signed on behalf of the congregation,
J. Kertain Smith, Minister
Anthony Stafford, Chairman of the Committee
George Slater, Treasurer
Robert Howarth, Honorary Secretary
19th December 1878
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