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The part of my links section that grows at a steady pace as I come across new sites that I like.
Latest additions


Things My Girlfriend and I Have Argued About
Mil Millington's cult website has become a Guardian column and a book because it is very, very, VERY funny!

Danger Here
Dedicated to the gaffs that sports commentators make. And you can learn Ronglish!

The Honda Ad
An amazing two minute tv ad. And they keep it up with their 'Hate Something' ad for diesels.

Think of a Number
We all worry about who's getting at us through the web, but now they can even read minds. Honest! Click above to find out.

Only the Aussies could compete against each other at airguitar!

Daily Dilbert cartoons online. Also Dilbert goodies. My favourite is Dogbert's "Out! Out! You demons of stupidity" desktop.

Soda Constructor
What started as a job application project has become a classic for creating your own virtual pals.

Donnie Darko
The film may or may not be a classic (haven't seen it) but the website certainly is. Stylishly menacing.


Interesting site that uses multimedia to bring you the development of Manhattan over 370 years, including a perspectival fly-through.

Hairdresser's Revenge
The usual 'drag and distort the stars' site, but fun nonetheless.

The Office
No, not THE The Office! Just an office Shockwave simulation that cleverly promotes the design company ETC. For the 'reality' of office life, see Garry Knipe's blog.

The Mavericks
One of those bands you can't get enough of. Listen to samples in audio and video, and read their biographies.

I've been a fan of superhero comics since my youth. My particular favourites are Spiderman and the X-Men. (Also see the fans site.) Find out which character in the latter you are most like.

Google Gags
Go to the main search site, type in 'weapons of mass destruction' and hit the I'm Feeling Lucky button. Alternatively, follow the same instructions for 'French military victories'

The search for the one! The craze for submitting a two word search on google and getting just one result. Trouble is, as soon as the whack goes on the website, the search starts to produce more results!

What if LOTR was written by somebody else?
What started as a message board thread has become a site in its own right as contributors imagine Lord of the Rings written by someone else, from Douglas Adams to Voltaire.

Beer in the Evening

Rates pubs across the country (the Witchwood, Ashton was in the top 10 when I looked) and can even generate a pub crawl for you!

Cows With Guns
Another amusing cartoon movie.

Quintessence of the Loon
A collection of some of the sillier content found on the web. Managed by Australian, Peter Bowditch, who also maintains the Millenium Project (deliberate misspell) which also sets out to debunk web lunacy, as well as the companion sites the Green Light, Full Canvas Jacket, and the Rag-Tag Posse.

Museum of Hoaxes
The web has become the home of hoaxes. Find out more here, and also which well-trodden stories are true and false.

Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down
Everything you wanted to know about biscuits and the British obsession with the 'tea break.' Endearingly eccentric!

Will the Real Hussein Please Stand Up

Tasteless possibly, funny yes!

A fun take on virtual greetings. This one is animated and you can add you own speech clips.

Andy Capp
The anarchic working-class anti-hero seems to have been around as long as I have! His creator, Reg Smythe, died in 1998 aged 80.

Starship Dimension
Intended to allow science fiction fans to get an impression of the true scale of science fiction spacecraft by being able to compare ships. The amazing thing is that you can drag and drop the illustrations — how does he do that?!

Neon Sky

Jayson Singe's portfolio website has some excellent examples of how to use multimedia on the web, including a glimpse of life in Afghanistan.

Born Magazine

Bringing together literature and imagery, such as the sad and somewhat disturbing Letters to a Lover. Locus Novus takes a similar approach.

Abdul Abulbul Amir
There is an old cartoon that tell the story of Abdul's epic battle with Ivan Skavinsky Skivar.

British Barbecue
If ever I was offered 'the last meal' it would probably be a barbie. This site offers the history of the barbecue and over 2,000 recipes.

Dr Fun

Far Side-esque cartoons by David Farley with an archive going back to 1993 when they were first published on the web.

Guide Flyguy through the skies, into space and under the sea!

The LaughLab
A research project set-up by the University of Hertfordshire to find the funniest joke in the world. 40,000 jokes were submitted and were rated by 350,000 people in 60 countries. The site doesn't list all the jokes but does analyse the funniest by country. Personally, I like the one that came second.

Familiar with those motivational posters at work? Try the alterntive, such as "Hazards - There is an island of opportunity in the middle of every difficulty. Miss that, though, and you're pretty much doomed."

Political Cartoons

Mark Fiore's animations are mainly about American politics, but funny nonetheless. Daniel Kurtzman's political humour site is also worth a visit. I particularly liked the 'oily' offering.

Join Me

Not a cult, a collective, performing random acts of kindness.


In Memoriam
It's hard to define what genre this game falls into. It is part adventure, part puzzles, part arcade and part a test of web skills. But whatever, it is one of the most unusual games I've come across, tracking down a serial killer by overcoming the tests he sets you on the CD. I haven't seen much written about it probably because it is a French production that hasn't been released in the US. It took three of us working together 18 hours to crack it! A sequel is in the offing.

Dead Case
Pretty good online adventure/role playing game in which you are a ghost!

Find a Grave
Looking for the last resting place of the rich and famour? Even includes that of one of my heroines, Rosa Luxemburg.

Book Crossing
Brilliant idea to 'free literature.' What you do is register a book on the website with a review, then just leave it somewhere, anywhere for someone to pick up, read and do likewise.

Call Centre Confidential

Can't think why I haven't added this one before. CCC is one of the most entertaining blogs on the web, even though it is necessarily anonymous.

Church of Fools
This was UK's first web-based, 3D church, which opened for threer months on May 11th, created by Ship of Fools a nd sponsored by the Methodist Church. It is expected to return when funding can be secured.

Milk and Cookies
A cornucopia of links to what is hot and entertaining.

Hints and Things
Any good tips? Pass them on here.

Totally Absurd Inventions

What it says on the can, from the ball shaped earthquake house to the insomniac's helmet.

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