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This wasn't meant to become a comprehensive links page, but it sort of grew. It is my personal list of favourites, collated for my own use. They are loosely organised and I hope you can follow my logic. If you are after a bespoke site, go to Cyndi's List.

Genealogy Research Links
Online resources, Tameside online resources, births, marriages and deaths, censuses, dictionaries and glossaries, services, societies and starting family history .
Background LinksOld and new maps, boilermaking, canals, churches, church websites, coal mining, cotton industry, hatting, online images, trade unions, workhouses and other useful stuff
Local Interest and History Links — Information on Tameside, Manchester, Lancashire and Falkirk.
World War Links — Split into WWI, WWII and sites that apply to both.
Computer Programs and Website Resources
My Families — A few sites related to our families.

Meanwhile, here are some of my Non-gen Favourites. These are loosely organised (as I am) into sport, films, TV and radio and places we like for holidays.

Also see my links to sites about words, a few of my favourite authors, some of the people who have made me laugh over the years and sites that are hard to categorise, but which are entertaining (latest) or informative (latest)

Man United
I'm red to the bone, as is my dad and his father before him. The BBC is good for the latest news, or try the unofficial sites, Red Cafe and Red Issue. And see paintings and read the philosophy of 'Dieu', for the uninitiated,!

Two great games stand out. The 1968 European Final against Benfica, not least because 'I was there.' Second, the 1999 Champions League final against Bayern. A game that I woke up the day after (sore head) and wondered whether I had dreamt it or not.

Give Me Football

The Professional Footballers' Association official site. Register with the searchable tranfer directory.

When Saturday Comes

The half decent football magazine.

The Global Game
An US based monthly guide to the beautiful game.

The World Football Organisation
D edicated to serving the needs of the football clubs from around the world, including my home town club, Stockport County.

Philosophy Football
Makers of quirky/inspirational t-shirts.

Rugby Union

England are probably the best team in the world right now, having beaten both New Zealand and Australia away from home. Also see the Zurich Premiership site and the BBC.
And when there's no footie, cricket's the ticket. Also see Lancashire CC. What baffles most newcomers to cricket are its arcane laws. They are online at Lords. Of course, that won't help if you've never played or watched the game.The BBC offers more accessible help.

The thing about cricket is that is 'stats' paradise, long before footie, rugby etc ever thought of the idea. There is are now programs to help you keep count.

And then there is the Duckworth Lewis rule for one-day matches and you can download a program to make life easier.

Of course, cricket is probably the one sport where the weather conditions can give one team a distinct advantage over the other.

If pushed, my most memorable moment would be the 1981 Headingley Test, rightly attributed to Beefy, but we should not forget Mike Brearley et al.

And I will never, ever forget the six sixes of Sir Gary Sobers, nor the wonderful, full-hitting slouch of Clive Lloyd.

Though I never saw him bowl, another hero is Harold Larwood who was a major part of the infamous Bodyline series of 1932/33.

Brian Johnston
Cricket commentator, bon viveur and general good egg! This site gives a glimpse into his life and audio clips, including the the infamous 'leg over' discussion with Aggers. There is also the official site.

Rugby League
Still very much a northern game.
Films, TV and Radio
A splendid nostalgia site, recalling the early days of British television. Lots of clips and theme tunes from my childhood. Its sister site, Radio Days, does the same for BBC radio.

The Archers
Radio's longest running 'soap.' Find out about the characters or listen to the latest episode online. Also links to Jennifer Aldridge's 'fictional' website. Alternatively, try Archers Addicts or Chris Harrison's summaries.

Fish on Five
I've never been into fishing, but often wish I was when I listen to Nick Hancock's radio show.

Stop Messing About
The complete and utter fantabulosa website about Kenneth Williams.
Coronation Street
TV's longest running soap and the only one I watch. You can find an unofficial at CorrieNet and check out the nicknames used on 'The Street.'

British Movies
Dedicated to British cinema, featuring some of my all time favourites, such as Ice Cold in Alex and the Third Man.

Lord of the Rings

The best two films I've seen in many years and the third and final one due on 17 December. Make it a date! Keep up to date with One Ring produced by fans.

Check out the effects page to build your own orc or skin an elf.
Some of the places we like
The first 'sun' holiday we had together — sailing in the Irish Sea seldom falls into that category. It was also our last on our own as it was where we decided to 'family' and our daughter was born less than a year later.

Fabulous place though and one that we hope to return to. On our own! Also see the official site.

Our next holiday. Technically we were still childless, but Pat was five months pregnant with Bryony and the 'beach ball' had grown by the end of it.

Lovely place. Especially liked the rabbit meals, to the soundtrack of shotguns in the background bagging tomorrow's grub. Also Mahon, supposedly the birthplace of mayonnaise.

This time with a toddling B in tow. Had a great time, especially at Roula's Rollers.
Work commitments got in the way so much that we could only holiday in winter, which meant the Canaries. We loved Lanzerote so much, we went to the place twice. The Timonfaya National Park is fabulous.

If you like seeing elderly German nudists, this is the place for you! But if you ignore that, a very beautiful island.

Loved our stay in Paphos. So much to see without hiring a car!

Silver Bay
Not all holidays have to be overseas. Two excellent holidays in Angelsey. This site is not too informative, so try Angelsey History.

A weekend at the famous resort is like a week anywhere else! Renowned for its illuminations and Pleasure Beach with rides such as the Big One, although our favourite is Valhalla. Also see the BBC's Tower webcam.
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