1891 Census - RG12 3286 75
3 School Place, Lodge Street, Newton, Hyde, Cheshire
W E Molesdale, son aged 42, Painter, born Ashton
A M Molesdale, aged 37, born Sheffield, Yorkshire
Fred Molesdale, aged 22, Felt Hatter, born Hyde
James Molesdale, aged 12, Scholar, born Hyde
Edward Molesdale, aged 9, Scholar, born Hyde
1901 Census - RG13 3792 111
58 Bennett Street, Newton, Hyde, Cheshire
Parish of St Stephen
W E Molesdale, aged 52, House Painter, born Ashton
James Molesdale, aged 22, Grocer's Assistant, born Hyde
Edward Molesdale, aged 19, Locomotive Cleaner, born Hyde
1911 Census - 41 Travis Street, Hyde
Marriage lasted eight years, no children
William Edward Molesdale, 62, House Painter, born Ashton
Martha Annie Molesdale, 52, House Wife, born Stockport
Edward Molesdale, 29, General Labourer, born Hyde
Ethel Chadwick, Sd, 17, Cotton Frame Doffer, born Hyde
1939 Register
20 Allen Avenue, Hyde, Cheshire
Edward Molesdale, born 12 Mar 1882, General Labourer
Lena Molesdale, born 17 Mar 1884, Unpaid Domestic Duties
Freda Molesdale, born 15 Sep 1922, Glove Machinst
Raymond Molesdale, born 15 Oct 1924, ? Crane Engineer
Margaret Walker, born 25 January 1909, Rubber Hose Factory Warehousemistress
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