Charles Erwin Booth writing as Tummylow
Th' Owd Village Green

None very far from we'ur aw live,
There's a little bit o' greawnd,
That's bin a good deal luckier,
Than t'rest o't land areawnd.
Fer it hasno' so far been enclosed,
Bi somebody made o' brass,
Nor had notice boords put up to say
Yo mun 'Please keep off the grass!'

Un I' summer time, when t' neets are fine,
Un t' larks sing up it sky.
O't little lads com troopin' up,
From t' village, just close by.
They usen it fer a cricket greawnd;
Aw've monny a heawr's fun
When aw've stood theer un watch't 'um,
Just before ther gams begun.

Its a gradely treat to see'um,
When they'n getten onto t' greawnd;
Poo off ther caps un jackets,
Un then go struttin' reawnd,
Pretendin' to examine t' crease,
To see it ther's it wat
Onny bits o' pot or stones, or owt
That'll interfere wi't play.

Un then ther captain foot foot fer sides
Or else say pick or bang,
Un monny a time thei janguage
Is a good de'ul woss than slang;
For some on 'um swears most awfull,
If their mon does' no win,
Un they an't go a fielden' eawt,
While tother lot goes in.

Ber soon they settle'n deawn to t' game,
Un then ther is sich cheers,
If one bring of a champion catch, Enough to crack yer ears.
Bet if he fails to tek it,
Which happens monny a time,
Well – aw darno quote verbatim,
In fact, it wouldno' rhyme.

Yo'll yer one sheawt 'Stond further back,
Hoo's towd thi' t' stond so near';
Another 'ul say, 'Com more this road,
He allis plays 'um here.'
Un thus they keepun fratchin',
Till they'n getten' o't side eawt,
Un then they fair mek t'welkin' ring,
Wi ther merry joyous sheawt.

Un when they'n o' had innins reawnd,
Un darkness gathers o'er,
They rushen off to th'owd barn dur,
To see hoo's get yed score.
Un when they'n put ther jackets on,
Gone whoam their different ways,
Ther's monny a time aw stop behiend,
Un think o' my young days.

Ther's monny a time when aw think o't lads
That's played on't same owd green;
Aw wonder we'ur they'm getten to,
Un whether ther still't bi seen.
Ther's some aw know are deud un' gone,
May they never from memory fade.
Nor ever com a time aw'st cease
To think with whom aw played.

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