1841 Census - HO107 1324 12
Birdsedge, Denby, Yorkshire
James Ratcliffe, 47, Thread Manufacturer, not born same county
Susanna Ratcliffe, M, 46, born same county
Sarah Ratcliffe, 14, born same county
John Ratcliffe, 12, born same county
James Ratcliffe, 11, born same county
Charles Ratcliffe, 9, born same county
Jane Ratcliffe, 6, born same county
1851 Census - HO107 2331 350
Millhouse, Thurlstone, Yorkshire
James Ratcliffe, 61, Thread Manufacturer, born Marple Bridge
Susanna Ratcliffe, 59, born Royston
Sarah Ann Clayton, Dau, 24, born Denby
John Ratcliffe, 22, Thread Manufacturer, born Denby
James Ratcliffe, 20, Butcher, born Denby
Margaret Clayton, gd, 1, born Thurlstone
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