From the Glossop Reporter
Jeremiah RHODES

FUNERAL OF THE LATE MR J RHODES, STANYFORTH STREET - At the Mottram Cemetery on Saturday at noon Iast, there was laid to rest amidst many tokens of esteem and sympathy, the remains of the late Mr Jeremiah Rhodes, of Stanyforth Street, Hadfield, whose demise, at the age of 62 was announced in our last issue.

The funeral cortege comprised a motor hearse and ….. motor broughams, and the relatives …… occupied the latter were: 1st brougham, wife, Nellie and Eliza (daughters), father, Sarah Jane and Ralph (daughter and son-in-law), 2nd: Emily and Ernest and Edith and Fred (daughter and son-in-law), Jim and Jannie (son and daughter-in-law) 3rd: Willie and Annie, Joshig and Lizzie (son and daughter-in-law(, Charlotte and John (daughter and son-in-law). 4th: Evelyn and Jack (daughter and son-in-law), Eliza and Joseph (sister and brother-in-law), Rev A. C. M. White and Mrs Sandiford. 5th: Mr and Mrs J. Rhodes (brother and sister-in-law), Mrs J Sill (sister). 6th: Mr R Jones, Mr and Mrs Beeley, Mr Thorly, Mr W Barton, Mr Davies, Mr J Taylor (representing Woolley Bridge Working Men’s Club), Mrs A Turner and Mrs Marsden.

Other friends present included: Mr and Mrs Robert Hilton and Mrs A Bramhall and the bearers were: ……………… J Winter, J Braddock, G Braddock and F Gerrard. Proceeding the hearse there walked Mr H Rhodes, Mr W Rhodes and Mr J B Rhodes (brothers), Mr G Rhodes, Mr T Rhodes, Mr T Rhodes jun. and Mr J Sill,

Service at the home were conducted by the Rev A C M oberts (Vicar of Hadfield), who also performed the last impressive rites at the graveside. As the cortege proceeded through Mottram, the blinds of many residences were drawn as a mark of respect to the memory of the deceased, who was a well known and respected native of the village and resided there for many years.

The coffin was of unpolished oak with brass …… and it was ….. with a good number beautiful floral tributes. These included: Harp, "with love" from sorrowing Wife, Nellie and Eliza; wreath from daughter Sarah Jane, Ralph and grandchildren; wreath from daughter Emily, Ernest and grandchildren; heart from daughter Edith, Fred and grandchildren; heart from son James, Jennie and grandchildren; cross from son Willie, Annie and baby Brenda; chaplet from son Joshua, L:izzie and Jim; cross from daughter Charlotte, John and family; wreath from daughter Evelyn and Jack; cross from father, sister and brothers (Mottram); wreath from sister Eliza, Joseph and family;wreath from brother Harry and Tilly; wreath from sister-in-law Fanny; wreath from J B Rhodes and family; horse collar, friends at Spinner’s Arms, Hadfiels; wreath from workmates, River Etherow Bleach Works; wreath from Woolley Bridge Working Men’s Club; wreath from cousin Edith and Fred; wreath from Mrs Barton, Wilfred ……………………………. Jones and Arthur; wreath from neighbours, Hadfield; sheaf from niece Lily; sheaf from aunt Harriet and family, Charlesworth; sheaf from Nellie Gibson; sheaf from Mr and Mrs Beeley; wreath from Mr Davies and family;; wreath from Uncle Rthur and Aunt Emma (Swinton); wreath from brother Jim and family (Glossop); wreath from Fred and May, nephews and nieces; chaplet from Mr and Mrs S Cox; wreath from brother Edwin and family (Mottram); wreath from Mr and Mrs Daniels and family; sheaf from baby Jerry. Messrs J B Seville and Sons of Holligworth were entrusted with the …

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