1841 Census - HO107 1277 2 37
Workhouse, Cartworth, Holmfirth
Hannah Thorpe, 40, Stone Mason, Y
Ann Thorpe, 15, Wollen Weaver, Y
Sarah Thorpe. Woollen Weaver, Y
William Thorpe, 15, Stone Mason, Y
Samuel Thorpe, 14, Stone Mason, Y
Mary Thorpe, 12, Y
John Thorpe, 10, Woolllen Piecer, Y
Ben Thorpe, 8, Y
Jane Thorpe, 4, Y
Hannah Thorpe, Y
1851 Census - HO107 2292 433
61 Workhouse, Holmfirth
Hannah Thorpe, W, 50, born Ovenden, Yorkshire
John Thorpe, 20, Mason, born Cartworth, Holmfirth
Ben Thorpe, 18, Mason, born Cartworth, Holmfirth
Hannah Thorpe, 13, born Cartworth, Holmfirth
John Blakey, Lodger, 25, Tailor, born Cartworth, Holmfirth
1871 Census - RG10 4347 25
Under Mill, Upperthong
William Sanderson, 37, Railway Porter, born Holmfirth
Jane Sanderson, 34, born Holmfirth
Thorpe Sanderson, 15, Railway Porter, born Holmfirth
Richard Sanderson, 13, Scholar, born Homfirth
Wilson Sanderson, 7, Scholar, born Holmfirth
Fred Sanderson, 4, Scholar, born Holmfirth
Martha A Sanderson, 1, born Holmfirth
Hannah Thorpe, M-i-L, 73, born Holmfirth
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