1841 Census - HO 107 111 9 24
Fernaley Street, Hyde
Alice Caldwell, 35, N
Mary Caldwell, 15, N
Sarah Caldwell, 12, Cotton Factory, Y
William Caldwell, 14, Cotton Factory, Y
John Caldwell, 6, Y
Emma Caldwell, 8m, Y
Jane Caldwell, 8m, Y
John Voce, 25, Tailor, N
The following census extracts should be treated with caution as I haven't been able to verify that this is the same John Voce
1871 Census - RG10 4025 111
21 Franklin Street, Salford
John Voce, 52, Tailor, born Salford
Mary Voce, 38, born Ireland
Eleanor Handy, Visitor, 52, Straw Hat Maker, born Chester
John Rose, Lodger, 26, Van Man, born Salford
Mary A Rose, 25, born Salford
1881 Census - RG11 3943 113
75 Joseph Street, Warrington
John Voce, 64, Tailor, born Warrington
Mary Voce, 42, born Ireland
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