22 December 1900


"We are once more on the threshold of Christmas, and though at the time of writing, it does not appear that it will be altogether one of the olden times and of a seasonable character, no person, we think, will regret if we have a bright, sharp — or mild for that matter — day on Christmas Day.

"We do not suppose we shall ever get all Christians at church on that eventful morn. One regrets that the services at our places of worship to celebrate the birth of our Lord are, as a rule, sparsely attended. Many Christian churches do not hold services at all on the occasion, but allow their young people and members of the congregation to roam about the whole live long day, or until evening draws nigh, when meeting, at which tea and other creature comforts are provided."

"Children know that Santa Claus draws a store of pretty things to place in their stockings. He may either come into the home by the bedroom door, the window or down the sooty chimney, but by whatever way he enters, he leaves a beautiful selection of goods — ‘just what I wanted’ — and without a speck of dirt upon them.

"We hope the children will have a good time on this the last Christmas of the 19th century, that our readers and friends will be equally happy and that if they are enabled to give some poor soul a little favour, they will kindly do so. To one and all, we wish a Happy Christmas"

Amen to that.

Elijah ROWBOTHAM of 20 Water-street was with his horse and cart near Hyde Gas Works when he heard the cries of several women by the canal.

"He found a little girl named Ethel LEECH of 21 Croft-street in the water. She was nearest the side next to Adamson’s works. ROWBOTHAM gallantly jumped into the water and got the girl out. She was taken to the Navigation Hotel where she was got round. ROWBOTHAM is to be congratulated upon having saved a second life from drowning in the canal during the present year."

Miss Mary GOTLIFFE, eldest daughter of Mr S L GOTLIFFE, proprietor of the indiarubber works in Hyde-lane married Mr Jaques B LEVEY, son of Mr B LEVEY of Manchester.

"The wedding was on an elaborate scale and will no doubt be read with interest by our readers for Miss GOTLIFFE has many friends in Hyde. The ceremony — a Jewish one — was most interesting and impressive, whilst the reception and dinner was a brilliant function, the Cheetham Town Hall being requisitioned for the purpose."

There was a detailed account of the wedding elsewhere in the paper.

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