8 September 1900
You may remember a Mr GICHERO from last week's extra posting about the MESCHIA ice cream family of Hyde. By pure coincidence, it seems he or one of his family appeared in the Reporter again 100 years ago this week, involved in the trial of a fellow Italian, charged with cheating a woman out of half a sovereign.

Sarah WOODHEAD of 20 Travis Street Hyde had finished work on Friday evening and was making her way home at Green Croft Mill with her 12s 11d pay packet. She had spent 2s 10d, leaving her with half a sovereign and a penny, when she stopped at a market stall run by Louis BOGGIANO. She ordered half a penny worth of ice cream and put the half a sovereign on the counter. Sarah turned away for a moment and when she looked back, the coin had gone and the ice cream seller claimed she had only given him a ha'penny.

Eliza ASHTON, 50, of High Street, Denton gave evidence, saying that BOGGIANO had just laughed when WOODHEAD demanded her change and motioned her to go away. Passers-by asked to check his pockets, but although he allowed them to look in the pocket where he kept his silver, he refused to let them check the pocket where he kept his coppers. Then BAGGIANO picked up his apron and ran across the market to his sister.

The police were called and could find no sign of the coin until it was handed in by a boy who had found it nearby. BOGGIANO was said to have been in the country for only a few weeks and Mr GICHERO was called in to interpret for him. At the trial, it was established that BOGGIANO was familiar with the currency. WOODHEAD was quizzed about why she had paid for the ice cream with a half sovereign, rather than the penny she had in her purse. She claimed it was because she wanted change. BOGGIANO was fined 5s and costs.


8 September 1900
James ASPINALL was summoned for assault on Mary DAVIES of Waterloo: "She was washing on Oldham Wakes Monday morning. Her clothes were hanging in the yard to dry. She went into the yard and heard a noise in the washhouse and saw the defendant and a 'dirty' man inside. She watched them, frightened they would dirty her clothes and saw ASPINALL put a hosepipe out of the window.

The witness said: 'Mind my clothes'. Defendant wet half her clothes then turned the hosepipe onto her, and wet her from head to foot, and she had to take all her clothes." (I wonder if her husband bought this story?! - ed) "The defendant said he did not did not do it intentionally. The complainant jumped up at the washhouse window and fired a pot at him and he 'ducked' (laughter). 'He wanted to make me into a laughing stock,' said the complainant. The defendant was fined 10s 6d and costs or 14 days."

And the court cases get stranger. John EVANS and John TAYLOR failed to appear at Ashton County Police Court to answer a charge of obstruction on Sunday, 24 August. A police constable gave evidence: "At 10.35 am on the morning in question, he saw the defendants running on a public footpath in Knott Lane, Bardsley. TAYLOR was dressed in costume and EVANS had a pair of pumps on. There had been several complaints." They were fined 2s 6d and costs, but what on earth were they supposed to have done? Disorderly jogging? Perhaps the pumps were all that EVANS wore? A very odd report that begs more questions than it answered!

There was a large congregation at St Michael's to witness the marriage of William CORDWELL of Cleveleys, near Blackpool and formerly of Ashton and Henrietta, the eldest daughter of John HOBSON of Plantation Street, Whitelands Road. CORDWELL had been an employee of Garside's Wellington Mills "but by his industry and perseverance, he has risen to the post of electrician at the large new hydro at Cleveleys."

There was a jolly evening at the rooms of Mr BLACKER on Stamford Street, the singing, games and dancing brought to an end at half past ten. The couple honeymooned in Morecambe and were to live in Bispham.

"Recruiting at the Ashton Depot is very brisk at the present time, more particularly in connection with the line battalions. There are now at Ashton undergoing training, 100 line recruits and 60 militia recruits. The recruits, we are informed, nearly all belong to Lancashire and they are a fine stamp of men."

But if local men were keen to serve in the Boar War, others were never to return. "On Monday evening, Mrs K COMMERFORD of 75 Wellington Street was advised by the authorities that her husband, No 938 Private COMMERFORD, 5th Manchester Regiment, died of wounds on 25th August. This is a very sad case as the widow is left to face the future with the care of three young children."

Meanwhile, Miss G HOLMES of Crawford Terrace, Cockbrook, received 'an official memorandum' telling her that her brother, James HOLMES had been severely wounded in Geluk, along with many others of the Manchesters

William Thomas SINGLETON, "a young man well known in the neighbourhood of Marple a few years ago, now residing in Lytham was in Manchester Bankruptcy Court on Monday." He was managing director of Vendors Limited and had apparently gone belly up through the failure to float various companies, including the wonderfully named 'Natural Epsom Salts Syndicate Limited'.
Dukinfield Old Chapel Sunday School was advertising its imminent centenary celebrations to take place later in the month with a Scholars' Procession and party and special services. Hopefully more about this in a few weeks time. Also, the second Hyde Eisteddfod was to be held at Union Street Congregational Church.

The following were found in the public notices, applying for licences to sell intoxicating liquor: John Clayton CROMPTON of 169 Whitelands Road, Ashton; Mary TATTERSALL of High Street, Lees; William GREENWOOD of Pelham Street, Bardsley and Mary BRENNAN of Old Street, Ashton.

And finally, John BRIERLEY, the very proud proprietor of the George and Dragon Hotel, Market Square, Ashton proclaimed it: "The finest hotel in the North of England, lighted throughout by electricite" (sic)
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